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The Raven Bundle

Custom Bundle

Regular price $39.00 $34.00 (Saves $5.00)

Our Raven bundle will have you soaring above the battlefield on the lookout for the next mark. So keep yourself refreshed and ready for the battle with our bundle pack of our natural bar soaps and loofahs. 

  • Four Bars of soap (customizable)
  • Two Loofahs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Quinten Spires
First Time Getting a Bundle

Love it. I found this company at the Ohio Renaissance Fair and got some beard oil to start. I love the soap so far. It's not badly priced, local to Ohio, and just smells/feels great! I highly recommend!

Im a Returning customer

Purchased the Black Forest and Night bloom. I've never tried the night bloom till now and it is amazing. The new soap boxes they have upgraded to are simply amazing. It even has a hole in the side of the box to smell the bars .. Skoal!

Chris Gibson
Fantastic products!

The soaps have a great scent and my skin truly feels clean after using their product. The loofahs feel way better than the synthetic you can buy at a department store. Also, check out their beard oils and soaps; I have the same praises for those products as well!

Cory Begeot
Great products, Great company!

Have bought several things from them at a local Viking fest and decided to get some soap. The loofah was a pleasant surprise and the soap is fantastic. Skin feels great.

Samuel O’Halpin
Amazing product!

Such an amazing product I always enjoy support local stores and modern Viking never fails me. Their soaps smells amazing their sents arnt a smack you in the face and fall over kinda sent but it’s so perfectly balanced you can enjoy the smell while wearing and for others around to enjoy. The soaps lather amazing and I’m in LOVE with the fun loofah! Can’t wait to buy more for both myself along with friends and family! Keep up the wonderful work!!!