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Drekka Beard Balm

Bourbon & Sandalwood

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Hydration you need, with the hold you want.

At modern Viking Beard co. We celebrate our old Norse brothers and sisters. As they would have celebrated their moments in life as well. So join us, grab your horn and drink, (or Drekka in old Norse) as we celebrate our brothers and sisters and lives lived to the fullest.

Drekka is our bourbon and sandalwood aroma.


All Natural Ingredients

Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, and Beeswax

How-To Use

Scrape out your desired amount with the back of your finger nail
Rub that into your palm until it becomes an oily consistency
Apply to your beard with your palms and fingers
Use your comb, fingers, or brush to style your beard to perfection

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cory Demster
Drekka beard balm

I want to thank this company for all that you do. I love your products. Also thank you for the hookup. You know what I’m talking about. Thank you thank you.

Jeff Clark
Beard Balm

Exceptional product. Fast delivery. High point? These are really great guys that really care about producing a great product. Presentation is exceptional.

Jimmy Weigle
Drekka beard balm

Soft and smooth with a slight hold. At first I wasn't sure that I was going to appreciate the smell but after I applied it to my beard the aroma I was left with for the entire day was just amazing. Very impressed with the longevity of the smell. Ten out of ten would buy again

Terry Hardy
Beard Bom

I love this product! No overpowering perfume smell, easy to use and does a great job!

Jennifer Creter
Bears balm

Skeptical at first to change from beard oil but glad my husband did. It leaves his beard soft and smells great. Will definitely continue to purchase