Unscented Beard Shampoo


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Remove the grime not the hydration.

We at Modern Viking are proud and excited to offer our all-natural Unscented Beard Shampoo. Our Viking Brothers did not use harsh chemicals to wash their beards and neither should we. Unscented Beard Wash has been hand crafted to help you with your manly mane.

It's packed with natural oils that keep your beard healthy. Works great on your hair too!


All Natural Ingredients

Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Beeswax, and Essential Oils

How-To Use

Wet beard and hair
Pour small amount into your hands
Apply to your manly mane
Rinse and dry with towel

Customer Reviews

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Russ J.
Unscented is another way of saying No Essential Oils added...

Two points and one recommendation I want to make:
1. Unscented Beard Wash does not mean without aroma. The smell of the natural ingredients come through clear as a Northern night sky. If I could liken it to any one thing I would pick HORSE. It is smells warm, natural, and earthy just like a horse after a careful brushing.
2. The Unscented Beard Wash is the base of all of the other Beard Wash products. Without it the others would either not exist or be as effective. It is in fact the strong massive base that is the foundation of the tallest pillars.

My recommendation is this: I think the Unscented Beard wash should be renamed something on the order of "NATURAL" or "FOUNDATION" for the above reasons.

As with the HOLT Beard Oil this wash is my everyday go to. As for all of the others, they are for special or seasonal occasions.

Collin Moore
Great clean and never harsh

Hands down my favorite beard soap. I tend to prefer the tea tree, but this does a fine job.

Troy McIntosh

Great Shampoo! Every scent I have tried has worked amazing.

Mark Stevens
Awesome stuff!

Started washing my beard with this shampoo, liked it so much I tried washing my hair with it. Works better than my previous shampoo, my scalp feels super clean. Bottle lasts a long while too. Best part is I can pronounce every ingredient used.

Austin Maynard
Quality Product

Everything I’ve gotten from MV has been fantastic! The shampoo will whisk away all of the dirt and grime from the day out of your beard. Best shampoo I’ve used to date!