Berserker Sample Pack


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If you can’t decide what is best, the oil or the balm. We made it easy for you. Go crazy like our viking Brothers and get the Berserker Sample pack and let your beard decide. This pack come with all 10 of our aromas. The balms comes in a 3 ml twist cap jar and the oils come in a 5 ml dropper bottle. 

  1. Skegg- Our signature, unscented beard balm.
  2. Brodir- A crisp cinnamon aroma. 
  3. Valhalla- A fresh vanilla fragrant with a hint of Ylang Ylang. 
  4. Holt- The woodsy scent of sandalwood with a subtle aroma of cypress  
  5. Sysla- The crisp and clean scent of Tea Tree with a stiff shot of Peppermint. 
  6. Vik- Has a woody, sweet and spicy scent. Our Bay Rum aroma.
  7. Reyk- pleasant scent of tobacco with a light tone of vanilla following it.
  8. Asgard- Our tropical and coconut aroma. It has a crisp beach aroma with a hint of coconut.
  9. Hivtr-  A light earthy and woody aroma with a light warm spice scent. Our White Musk aroma.
  10. Drekka- Our bourbon and sandalwood aroma. 

What will be your favorite?


All Natural Ingredients: Apricot Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Essential Oils.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Price
Good way to try them all

Great variety of scents. The samples come with more than enough products for multiple applications and really make a difference in beard texture. Well worth the money.

Josh Brown
Great product and service

Talked to one of the guys at Celtic Fest and wasn't sure sure what I wanted...he literally told me not to buy anything there but go home and order the sample pack so I can try it all...will definitely order again...great product and great people

Avory Winans
Amazing way to trial all the oils and balms

The quality of the Modern Viking Beard oil and balms are better than any other brand that I've tried, and having the Berserker Sample Pack allows you to try all the scents at once and see what they smell like in your beard. The scents last a decent while, I was able to get small notes of the scent throughout the day at random times, so they hold up well. I definitely plan on buying my favorite oils and balms based on this trial sample pack!

Exceeded expectations

The product and the customer service definitely exceeded my expectations! Receiving a hand written note with my order was awesome. Keep up the great work! Skäl!

Adrianne Thompson
Christmas gift for husband

This was the best Christmas gift my husband has ever gotten thank you for making it possible.
I was even able to split it between him my son and my best friend's husband, we found the perfect scents for all year round.